Our Story

One day during a sesh, I had "THE BEST" enhanced thought! 
 I said, "What if there was a t-shirt brand for female smokers, like us? Because I smoke, but I handle my business. Im tired of seeing the stoner dude archetype, and the girls are even worse.
 That "What if" quickly turned into, "Hell yeah, I'm doin it!"
And I thought to myself...I don't want it to be a "smoking brand", I'm too cute for that. So I'll say, I puff....
...After forgetting about it a couple times, LOL, I got to work, and created ShePuffs.com
 At first, we only offered t-shirts. But after my friends started getting compliments on our little club's tee, they demanded MORE! And who am I to say no. NEVER!
Our social reach is expanding and we're excited to have a puff with the whole WIDE WORLD!


We want to normalized cannabis use with females, and squash the stigma. She Puffs, is you, and me and any other baddie that smokes and still handles her business!


We create designs we actually wear ourselves! Don't forget your ShePuffs hoodie for your next sesh! Join the movement!
Model: @MadlyBlunted